NFTKART Whitepaper (Web Version)


NFTKART (NKART) is the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Token built to support NFTKART (NKART)  NFT Marketplace. This platform has been created to empower BOTH SELLER & BUYER ,Video Creater,musicians,artists ,Sports,Sportsman & Entertainment industry OR NFT COLLECTOR'S to sell their work as VIDEO OR MUSIC ,ART NFTs instantly, at fair prices with no hidden fees A 1-STOP- SHOP for Both sellers & Buyers! Our platform gives artists the opportunity to promote their media and create another source of income in the form of instant cryptocurrency payments.

NFTs can be listed at a single sale price or sold through auction. Additionally, artists can include a “Royalty fee” guaranteeing them a percentage of all future sales. NFTKART (NKART) tokens will be accepted as payment by the content creators, musicians and artists, and! Content creators will be subject to small BNB fees when creating (“minting”) NFTs which is a requirement when performing any function on the BSC.This platform has been created to empower Video Creater,musicians and artists ,Sports,Sportsman & Entertainment industry selling their work as VIDEO OR MUSIC NFTs instantly through the power of NFT technology!

The Problem with Video Creater,musicians and artists ,Sports,Sportsman & Entertainment industry is That Many of Good and Creative Artist are Not receiving what exactly there art is worth of :

At NFTKART (NKART)  we Find it a Very Big Issue as Big Players are Dominating almost all of given Field ..Many of Upcoming Artist or Sportsman ,Musicians ,Video Creater. Are thinking to enter there respective market but they are finding it very Difficult to penetrate the MARKET we are Trying to Solve This Issue By Giving Our Platform Also Nowadays Many Big Celebrities are Entering or Trying to Enter In NFT World with there EXCLUSIVE NFT'S for there Fans  ..NOW FANS are most Important part of any given industry  we are Mentioning so we are also  Trying to BRIDGE Gap Between FANS & there ARTIST OR SPORTSMAN so FANS who are actually sole of any entertainment industry can have more power in there Hand

How Does NFTKART (NKART) Solve this Problem?

WE will Allow the direct sale of VIDEO,MUSIC ,AUDIO ETC files by artists to fans, NFTKART (NKART)  Will cut All unnecessary costs of Any Mentioned industry! When using the native NFTKART (NKART)  token artists may sell their work directly to their fans for no additional fees!* With fee-less sales artists can easily monetize their work and interact directly with fans, furthermore, fans will be able to support their favorite artists and own their favourite ART in any form Either its VIDEO,AUDIO etc! ALSO NFTKART (NKART)  Market is not just for low-mid level artists. Mainstream artists will also benefit from an immediate stream of income, being able to sell their work instantly. The potential market size for NFTKART (NKART)  Market and the NFTKART (NKART)  token is endless, as there is no artist that would not benefit from NFT technology.

*Artists may also choose to sell their work in other mainstream cryptocurrencies at a flat 7% fee. Money raised from these fees will go directly into marketing NFTKART (NKART)  Market and the NFTKART (NKART)  Token.